Las Vegas Plumber FAQ: What to Do if My Water Pipes Whistle?

In your home, hidden behind the walls and beneath your floors, there is an intricate system of pipes that allows water to travel throughout the entire house. This plumbing system is one of the most important systems in your home. From running your dishwasher to brushing your teeth and taking a shower, the water pipes in your home are integral to your comfort and convenience. Because of this it is necessary for you to protect the condition of your water pipes as best you can. Any problems should be addressed immediately by a professional Las Vegas plumber. For instance, if you notice a whistling in your water pipes, call Yes! Air Conditioning and Plumbing right away.

A serious mistake that a lot of homeowners make when it comes to their water pipes is to dismiss a problem as “minor”. Your water pipes are too important and pose too much trouble to your home to ignore any potential issues. There are a few different causes of whistling water pipes, and only a professional and licensed plumber in Las Vegas can determine your exact problem.

One common cause of whistling water pipes is loose or broken washers. If your washers are damaged they can move around as water flows past them. This can result in the whistling sounds you hear. It is important that loose or damaged washers are replaced as soon as possible to avoid water leaks. Even small water leaks can lead to a lot of water damage if give the time.

Another possible cause of whistling water pipes is high water pressure. This can cause your water pipes to vibrate, causing the strange noises you hear in your home. A new water pressure regulator may be necessary if water pressure is consistently too high. High water pressure puts strain on the water lines feeding into your home, as well as any valves and appliances the water passes through. This increases the chance of a rupture in your home, as well as water damage to your property.

No problem with your Las Vegas plumbing should go unaddressed. Call a professional Las Vegas plumber immediately if you notice any irregularities with your plumbing system. Yes! Air Conditioning & Plumbing is always here to help.


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