Plumbing in Las Vegas: Common Causes of Clogs

We don’t often think about our home plumbing systems. The piping underneath our floors and inside our walls remains hidden and largely invisible as we go about our daily tasks. We tend to notice our plumbing only when something goes wrong with it. There are several common causes of clogs in our plumbing systems that deserve mention. We’ve compiled a list of those that you may have experience or are likely to experience during the course of running your household. Make sure that all plumbing repairs are taken care of by a certified Las Vegas plumber. For Las Vegas plumbing repair, call the experts at Yes! Air Conditioning and Plumbing today!

  • Main sewer line. While our home water supply is a pressurized system, our wastewater sewerage system relies on careful design, ventilation, and gravity. Our main sewer line connects our home wastewater drainpipes to a septic tank, or to the municipal waste management system. It is one of the most important lines of piping in our entire plumbing system. It can become clogged due to accumulated organic waste in the line, or it can collapse due to root penetration or soil erosion.
  • Washing machine. Your washing machine gets a lot of use, especially in the spring and summer, when outdoor activities are prevalent. If your drains run slower on laundry day, it could be an indication that your drains are under strain from your washing machine. When lint accumulates inside your drains, it blocks the passage of water, leading to clogs or slow drains. Spacing your laundry out over a couple days may help, but if it’s clogged, then you need professional repair.
  • Shower drain. Hair is one of the most intractable materials when it enters your plumbing. It’s strong and it quickly accumulates into bundles that can clog your drains. This most often happens in the shower. Consider using a hair stopper to prevent clogs. If you already have a clog, speak to a Las Vegas plumber before using harsh chemicals. These are not only toxic, but they can actually deteriorate the insides of your pipes, which can lead to costly repiping.

We hope you found this list of common causes of home plumbing clogs useful. When you need Las Vegas plumbing service, call Yes! Air Conditioning and Plumbing!


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